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Intelligent Medical Objects

IMO creates clinical terminology and insights solutions that are used by more 500,000 US physicians and 4,500 US hospitals to power better patient care. We’ve been blazing trails in health IT for more than 25 years, but this place still feels like a start-up thanks to talented people who are driven to innovate at every level of the organization. In recent years, IMO has undergone a dramatic and exciting transformation, growing between 20-30% year over year since 2016. And as we develop new products and expand into new markets, company growth means career growth for our 250+ employees.
Information Technology and Services
201-500 employees

The Future of Heathcare


Intelligent Medical Objects is the foundation and future of health IT. Our products ensure the integrity of patient data from the point of care to a range of uses across the healthcare ecosystem.

Diversity & Inclusion

IMO employees represent a rich mosaic of backgrounds and experiences. This fuels our commitment to fostering a culture that supports diversity, inclusion, and authenticity.


When you invest so much in a company, you should expect they’ll be investing in you. That’s our approach at IMO and you’ll see it reflected in everything from our competitive benefits, to our hybrid workplace, to our commitment to ongoing education.


Get excited to go to work with a bright and talented team. Our goal is to ensure we deliver healthcare technology that enables physicians to do what they are passionate about – delivering better patient care.

Our people is what make us IMO. We're nimble, flexible and collaborative. We have 300 employees who are eager to do their best work everyday for themselves, each other and our clients.  

We’ve been blazing trails in health IT for more than 25 years, but IMO still feels like a start-up thanks to whip-smart, fearless employees who don’t shy away from risk or responsibility.

"I have personally grown from working here at IMO by becoming more vocal. Before working at IMO, I was very quiet and reserved. I would try to avoid speaking in large gatherings and not engage in discussions. My managers have challenged me to become more vocal and to lead team discussions. IMO has helped me grow tremendously in my career by setting goals for me to reach and by providing excellent feedback when needed."
Kailee Lara
Client Support Specialist
"I love who I work with, and I get to interact with some pretty talented people each and every day. Each conversation I have gives me knowledge about what new and exciting things we are working on, projects people are involved with, and gives me the opportunity to ask – how can I help us get to the finish line?"
Sahar Nawab
Finance & Accounting

Opportunities at Intelligent Medical Objects