Welcome to Mogul! We are excited you are here, and cannot wait for you to start exploring. You may have a few questions as you begin your journey, so we've prepared Community Guidelines and FAQ below as a reference for you along the way.

Community Guidelines

Mogul's ecosystem, including our Mogul app & platform, enables our diverse Mogul community to reach their goals & realize their full potential. Where we can support and encourage one another and express ourselves free of judgment. To achieve this, everyone involved must co-exist in ways that enable this mission. Participating in Mogul means conducting yourself in a fun, open-minded, and respectful manner.

For this environment to flourish, there are certain behaviors that are not to be tolerated by anyone in the Mogul community. This includes:

NO Harassment.

It’s a no-brainer. Ask yourself whether what you are saying or doing online would be considered in any way harmful, offensive, flat-out rude or personally violating. If the answer is even remotely yes, then don’t do/say/post/share that thing! Posts or comments of this nature will be automatically deleted.

NO Sexual Harassment.

This is a space where everyone is equal, where love, support, understanding, and appreciation are afforded to every single person no matter their race, nationality, sexuality, religion, political affiliation or gender. In a world that is still largely patriarchal, Mogul gets to be one rare place where women get to call all the shots. This is not to say men aren’t involved, aren’t appreciated, and shouldn’t join; but the default gets to be from the female perspective, advancing the empowerment and camaraderie of women around the world. Since this is the crux of it all, don’t put this goal in jeopardy in any way!

DO NOT Post Spam or Inappropriate Content.

Enough said, just don't do it. If something on the app or web platform seems inappropriate to us, we will remove it. If it is highly inappropriate, we’ll have no problem reporting you and it to the appropriate officials. In general, content that is pornographic, abusive, violent or indicative of spam will automatically be deleted and potentially reported if it is appropriate to do so.

The following will automatically be deleted: weapons, chemicals, essay writing services, escort services, or anything that is seen as not falling within our mission of helping and supporting women worldwide.

NO Trolling.

Trolling obviously does not support our goals at Mogul nor does it support the members of this community. Do not engage in it, and do not feed into it if you come across someone on the site engaging in such behavior. Please instead click Report on the post in which such behavior is occurring.

NO Plagiarism.

Did you create it? If it is all your own words, or if you were the one who took the picture, then congrats, you’re free to post it! If you did not write those words or take that picture then be sure to give credit where credit is due. If it’s someone else’s work, please share the post as a link. If it’s an image you’d like to use within your post, please make sure to list the source beneath the image. We highly recommend staying away from the use of Getty Images, as those need to be purchased prior to use.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

Creating a Profile.

We encourage all Mogul users to fill out their profiles in full. We are trying to connect, empower, and create a sense of community. The more engaged and fully committed you are, the more we feel the love, and the more you will too! So, make sure to click a fun profile picture, link up your social media accounts, insert your favorite quote, and if you feel comfortable, list where you are from in the world!

Pen Names.

Expressing one’s unfiltered opinion (especially as a woman) can be risky in certain parts of the world. If users would prefer, they are more than welcome to have their profiles be under another name.


Those of us working at Mogul in no way edit content that people choose to post or share on the site. These are your unfiltered opinions and our team doesn’t want to interfere or alter your voice in any way, unless it is inappropriate content as described above. The standards expected of those who work at Mogul are the same for those who use the platform. We expect ourselves to be transparent, genuine and authentic, both personally and as Mogul community members.

Constructive Criticism.

While we don’t want inappropriate posts, we do want people to express their opinions…in a constructive way. We want people to engage on the app and site, to get into conversations, to comment, to connect, and to discuss. So, we definitely encourage people to express their opinions, but we ask that it be done in constructive, beneficial and thought-provoking ways. Do it with grace and in ways that are in line with the goal of creating a supportive, empowering community.

Reporting Abuse.

As the saying goes, “if you see something, say something.” If you come across something that does not seem to abide by the community guidelines set forth here, report it. It is up to all of us to maintain this community, so it is up to us to report things that do not support our shared goals. If you see an abuse, please don’t hesitate to report it via the “report button” or by emailing us at contact@onmogul.com.

Terms and Conditions.

Regarding things like copyright, trademark, and intellectual property, here is a link to our terms and conditions page where you can find lots of legal jargon and more on this fun, important topic.

Have fun exploring Mogul, and please reach out to contact@onmogul.com if any more questions come up! And remember, these guidelines are subject to change at any point. Users are therefore responsible for making themselves aware of any changes and for adhering to them. Creating an account, or participating in Mogul in any way constitutes an agreement to abide by the rules listed above.


Posting, Commenting & Community

What is Mogul?

Mogul is a company that provides tools to individuals & organizations to achieve optimal productivity, learning & growth. Learn more here.

What happens when I post on Mogul?

On the Mogul app, your posts will be posted upon approval. On the Mogul website, your posts automatically appear in the “Latest” section of the Mogul homepage. As it gains traction on the website, it will likely appear in the “Trending” section. Depending on the level of traction, your post may appear in different areas of the website, for example, under a particular 'Interest' category.

What should I do if I’m having trouble uploading an image?

Make sure that any image you want to upload in a post is either in a JPG, PNG or a GIF format. If it isn’t, the file will not be recognizable and thus not upload.

How do I share this post with my friends on Facebook and my followers on Twitter?

There are share buttons on the left side of each post. Feel free to share with your network on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or via email!

How does Upvoting and Downvoting work?

If you see a post you really love? Click the Upvote button. See something you strongly dislike? Click the Downvote button.

How do posts end up on the Trending page?

Mogul has an algorithm that takes into account the post’s upvotes, comments, shares, and views, and also takes into account the velocity at which all of these metrics are rising.

What type of posts do well on Mogul?

We believe that anything can become a top hit on Mogul, given our wide audience, but items with a high share ratio are typically honest experiences about life, career, relationships, gender empowerment, politics, etc. Please don't feel limited by these topics, however, and we want you to write about anything in which you are passionate. The sky's the limit when it comes to what you can post and what does well on Mogul, so feel free to be as creative as you’d like!

Can anyone submit on the app or platform?

Yes they can! All you have to do is create a profile here and start posting! Click here to learn more about the different ways to post.

How do I edit a post?

When logged into your profile, you can edit the post by clicking 'Update' which is located at the bottom of your post, beneath the Comments section.

How does Mogul moderate user posts?

The moderating is mostly in the hands of the community. The site’s upvote and downvote function is a way for the community to constantly be evaluating posts. If there is content or behavior that jeopardizes the community, or in any way violates the rules detailed in the Community Guidelines, users should notify the Mogul Team through the site’s Report Button. Mogul will then follow up accordingly.

Can I be banned from the site if I post inappropriate content?

If our team discerns that you are regularly posting spam or abusive content, we hold the right to shadowban you as a user on Mogul. The process will be as follows: 1) your post will be deleted, 2) you will be given a warning via email if you post inappropriate content a second time, 3) you will automatically be deleted as a user if you post inappropriate content a third time.

Account Support

How do I reset my password?

Please email hello@onmogul.com, and we will reset your password immediately.

How do I change my name, photo, or other details, including email address, username, or password?

To change your profile photo or other personal details, go to “Settings,” which can be found by hovering over your profile picture in the top right corner of the Mogul navigation. For more tips, click here.

How should I fill out the box that says “Title” under "Settings"?

This is the field where the text appears directly beneath your profile name; you can enter your professional title or your expertise.

How do I protect my Mogul account?

First and foremost, create a strong password! Here is some handy advice on how to make a one:
1. Make it at least 8 characters in length. The general rule is the more characters there are, the harder it is to hack.
2. Have at least one lower-case letter, upper-case letter, number, and special character. Also, make sure only to login from trusted computers.

What are account notifications and alerts?

When you sign up, you are automatically opted-in for all email notifications. If you would only like to be notified about certain things regarding your account activity, all you do is go to "Settings" and uncheck the email alerts/notification categories where you no longer want to be informed.

How do I delete my account?

Please email hello@onmogul.com, and we will delete your account.