PRESS RELEASE October 05, 2022



Carbon-Negative Cement Producer Brings on Diversity Hiring Firm 

(NEW YORK) - Mogul, Inc., a disruptor in the HR Tech and executive recruiting industry, today announced that it has signed a deal with Oakland, CA-based Brimstone. Brimstone is a venture-backed climate technology company that created the world’s first carbon-negative portland cement. 

In the past year, Brimstone raised $55 million in Series A funding and is scaling up to build its first pilot plant outside of Reno, Nevada and advance towards industrial-scale production. Traditional cement production is responsible for 7.5% of global carbon dioxide emissions, with a greenhouse gas impact rivaling cars. Brimstone promises to deliver the exact same cement builders have used for 150 years using a breakthrough carbon-negative process, transforming cement from a driver of climate change into a climate solution. 

“As we scale our operations and grow, we are dedicated to continuing to build the strong, diverse team we need to decarbonize cement production, one of the world’s most carbon-intensive industries. We engaged Mogul to help us source diverse candidates with the technical skills and know-how to propel us to the next level,” said Akshai Baskaran, Senior Director of Strategy, Finance and Business Development at Brimstone. 

According to the agreement, Brimstone will use Mogul’s innovative Talent Acquisition Platform to attract, source, and hire top, diverse talent. Mogul’s platform has disrupted the HR Tech industry with patent-pending software filters that allow recruiters to source underrepresented talent in several ways, including by gender, ethnicity, disability status, and veteran status, without limiting search results. No other talent acquisition platform offers this combination of abilities. 

Brimstone’s cement is chemically and physically identical to cement manufactured using conventional methods. The process, however, is different, beginning with a different rock that (unlike limestone) contains no carbon and producing a compound that permanently removes carbon from the atmosphere– making the whole process carbon-negative from quarry to plant gate. 

About Brimstone 

Brimstoneuses proprietary technology to produce the world’s only carbon-negative ordinary portland cement and supplementary cementitious materials. While at Caltech, Co-founders Cody Finke and Hugo Leandri conceived of the vision to decarbonize cement production by inventing better technology. Brimstone is backed by leading climate investors—including Breakthrough Energy Ventures, DCVC, and Collaborative Fund. To learn more or hear about and apply for job opportunities, follow Brimstone on Twitter and LinkedIn at @BrimstoneEnergy, visit the website:, or reach out directly:

About Mogul  

An innovator in the $200 billion global recruitment market, Mogulis a diversity recruitment platform and one of the world's largest resources for diverse talent. We partner with the Fortune 1000 and the world's fastest-growing companies to attract and advance top diverse talent — from entry-level to executive and board-level worldwide — through our market-leading software and executive recruitment services. Our long-time clients include hundreds of top companies and Fortune 1000 organizations such as Anheuser-Busch, Bain & Co., The Hershey Company, The Honest Company, Shopify, Stanley Black & Decker, and United Healthcare.   

With its rapid growth, Mogul supports, invests in, and provides free resources for the economic advancement of individuals in need globally, through international partners such as the United Nations.   

Mogul has been named one of the “100 Most Exciting Startups” by Business Insider, “Best Website for Finding Top Talent” by Inc. Magazine, “Top Website for Marketing Your Company” by Forbes, and “Top Online Learning Platform” by Entrepreneur.  

With market-leading HR technology, fast-growing executive recruitment services, and a diverse, inclusive online community of executive and board-level talent, Mogul is innovatively paving the way for diverse professionals and the companies that need them.   

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