PRESS RELEASE September 15, 2021


Margo Pelak, Mogul Inc.  
Head of Global Media Relations  

(NEW YORK) - Mogul, Inc., a fast-growing disruptor in the HR tech industry with a mission to unlock the world’s greatest potential, today announced its commitment to Hispanic and LatinX equality in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept 15 to Oct. 15.  


“In celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, we honor the vibrant and diverse Hispanic and LatinX communities that have enriched the world through significant contributions to art, culture, science, medicine, public service, and more. In honoring these achievements, we must also acknowledge that as 18% of the population, Hispanic and LatinX communities experience significant discrimination. Studies by Pew Research found that 62% of Hispanic and LatinX Americans have experienced discrimination or unfair treatment due to their race, including being told to return to their home countries, or receiving criticism for speaking Spanish in public. At Mogul, we believe in a world that can do better. We will continue to work tirelessly for anti-racism, equality, and inclusion for Hispanic and LatinX individuals, and all individuals, every day of the year, to build a brighter future for all,” said Tiffany Pham, CEO and Founder, Mogul.  


“True cultural transformation can not exist without dedicating ourselves to eliminating racial biases toward others,” said Anita L. Sanchez, Ph.D., a Mogul premium member who teaches Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to Fortune 500 organizations around the world. Sanchez, a Mexican-American, is also author of the bestselling book, “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times.  

“National Hispanic Heritage Month allows us to celebrate the history and accomplishments of LatinX and Hispanic communities, but also to acknowledge the work we still need to do to address the cultural biases that LatinX and Hispanic communities face on a daily basis,” said Sanchez, who is Mexican-American and Nahua (Aztec).   



At Mogul, our vision is to unlock the world’s greatest potential. We support diverse individuals and organizations to achieve their goals and cultivate meaningful success, through pioneering technology solutions and inclusive communities. With market-leading HR software, fast-growing executive recruitment services, and a diverse, inclusive online community of executive and board-level talent, Mogul is innovatively paving the way for diverse professionals and the companies that need them.   

Mogul partners with the Fortune 1000 and the world’s fastest-growing companies to attract, engage, advance, and retain top diverse talent. Clients have included Amazon, Hearst Companies, Hershey Co., United Healthcare, Stanley Black & Decker, Snap Inc., and more.  

As a mission-driven organization, Mogul offers free community forums, low-cost events, and inclusive online communities, all designed to attract, engage and advance top, diverse talent.   

Mogul has been named one of the “100 Most Exciting Startups” by Business Insider, “Best Website for Finding Top Talent” by Inc. magazine, and “Top Website for Marketing Your Company” by Forbes.  

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