PRESS RELEASE August 23, 2022


(NEW YORK) - Mogul, Inc., the world’s leading diversity recruitment and HR tech company, today announced that it has hired TikTok influencer Nicki Maher as Vice President of Community. 

Maher is a “momfluencer” (content creator/mom advocate) who, after losing a business to COVID-19, took to social media to share behind the scenes, day-to-day life as a single mom and co-parent during the pandemic. Her following grew from zero to over 1 million followers in less than six months, while seeing several of her videos go viral, including a video of her babysitter, Delaney Wilson, singing like a Disney princess. To date, that video has more than 24 million views. Maher and Wilson were later recruited by and featured on American Idol, with Maher posting about the entire process as it unfolded. She currently has more than two million followers on TikTok and Instagram. 

“Nicki came highly recommended given her background of growing mission-aligned brands and her refreshingly honest approach to life,” said Namisha Bahl, Mogul’s chief marketing officer, who noted that authenticity is the cornerstone of the Mogul community. “As a platform for diverse professionals, we wanted to ensure that we were giving women and minorities a safe space to engage and learn. That’s why we are thrilled that Nicki has joined us, and we believe her approach to building meaningful relationships is going to make a significant impact as Mogul grows its C-suite and Board Executive community.” 

According to Maher, her TikTok posts resonate with so many viewers because they show a vulnerable, very real single parent managing an imperfect world: a job loss in 2020, a marital separation in 2019, and now a move back to full-time work as an executive at one of the fastest-growing online communities globally. 

“I didn’t think I’d ever go back to a full-time job again, but Mogul’s mission is very personal to me. The idea of growing a community of diverse leaders and providing them with opportunities was hard to resist,” Maher said, “I am fangirling each day as I meet different community members and learn about their backgrounds. These women are seriously impressive,” Maher said. 

As VP of community, Maher will be charged with growing and overseeing the Mogul community and further engage its members and clients.  

“We are truly different, because we will say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done to make progress for women, people of color, and other minorities,” said Bahl, “Diversity and inclusion are here to stay and we are going to make sure that HR professionals and the individuals they hire are fully supported in their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.” 

In fact, last month, Mogul launched a nationwide initiative called “Build Better Boards” which challenged the world’s leading companies – many of whom are Mogul’s clients – to examine and change the startling gender and racial disparities on corporate boards. The company launched the initiative in Times Square – with an ad on the Nasdaq board. 

Within days–and in a few cases, within hours–Mogul drew hundreds of executive-level women and people of color to its private, board-level community, which Maher is now leading.  

“Mogul resonates so strongly with executive-level women and people of color because we offer meaningful connections and a safe space to engage with each other,” said Bahl, “There is a pressing, urgent need for that amongst diverse executives.”  

“The world is changing,” said Maher, “We can be who we are, in all of the various roles we take on, and support each other in achieving our personal and professional goals.”   

About Nicki Maher

Nicki Maher has made a name for herself through her can-do approach to business. Her reputation as a “people advocate” is apparent, as are her main beliefs in the power of human connection and the ability to form meaningful and lasting bonds in business.

Nicki’s management career started in the travel industry where she earned the title of “top business development manager” in Travel Agent Magazine while representing global brand, Royal Caribbean International. In 2010, she began a rewarding career with jewelry and lifestyle brand, ALEX AND ANI, at their vice president of sales, serving as the right hand to the founder, creative director and CEO. Under this title, Nicki was responsible for building the foundation for a soon-to-be exploding omni-channel business. Along with focus of sales strategy, Nicki led efforts around strategic partnerships, licensing and all corporate social responsibility efforts.

During her time at ALEX AND ANI, the company grew from $2.7 million in 2010 to more than $500 million in 2014. This growth was soon recognized by Forbes Inc. 500, Digiday and many other publications. Under the leadership of Nicki and her peers, the company grew from one retail location to more than 90, supported over 1,500 nonprofit organizations, and led more than 1,300 employee volunteer hours. The company also donated more than $48 million to charity through the award-winning CHARITY BY DESIGN division, which Nicki led and grew from its infancy. Nicki was promoted to senior vice president in 2015, just after returning from maternity leave with her firstborn, Leila Louise. Under her watch came company-wide partnerships, community relations, corporate social responsibility and employee engagement efforts.

Today, Nicki is the founder of Nicki Marie Inc, where she works with brands and thought leaders whose mission is beyond the brand or product that they are selling. She serves as a brand advisor and offers services in social impact programming, digital storytelling and internal culture strategy.

She is also a social media digital influential creator with an audience of over 2M. Here, she shares daily bits of life, humor and home within her modern day world of "motherhood reinvented" after divorce, loss of job and overall change of direction. Here, she is stripped down from all "titles", reminding others that it doesn't have to be the seat in the board room, or the nuclear family that defines you, but the foundation you have build at home when everything else fell apart, that matters most. The rest is the cherry on top.

About Mogul  

An innovator in the $200 billion global recruitment market, Mogul is a diversity recruitment platform and one of the world's largest resources for diverse talent. We partner with the Fortune 1000 and the world's fastest-growing companies to attract and advance top diverse talent — from entry-level to executive and board-level worldwide — through our market-leading software and executive recruitment services. Our long-time clients include hundreds of top companies and Fortune 1000 organizations such as Anheuser-Busch, Bain & Co., The Hershey Company, The Honest Company, Shopify, Stanley Black & Decker, and United Healthcare.   

With its rapid growth, Mogul supports, invests in, and provides free resources for the economic advancement of individuals in need globally, through international partners such as the United Nations.   

Mogul has been named one of the “100 Most Exciting Startups” by Business Insider, “Best Website for Finding Top Talent” by Inc. Magazine, “Top Website for Marketing Your Company” by Forbes, and “Top Online Learning Platform” by Entrepreneur.  

With market-leading HR technology, fast-growing executive recruitment services, and a diverse, inclusive online community of executive and board-level talent, Mogul is innovatively paving the way for diverse professionals and the companies that need them.   

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