PRESS RELEASE August 17, 2021

Mogul is seeking nominations for companies with best benefits


Margo Pelak, Head of Global Media Relations

Mogul, Inc., an innovative HR tech company with a vision to unlock the world’s greatest  potential, today announced that it is seeking nominations for its list of “Top 100 Companies with the  Best Benefits.” Nominations can be submitted here and are due September 30, 2021. Anyone may  nominate an organization. Winners will be announced Oct. 11.  

Workplace benefits, such as parental leave, wellness perks, and flexible work arrangements, are  increasingly being recognized as important factors that affect wage inequality and gender disparities in  the workplace.  

“Our Top 100 list can help our diverse community of executives navigate which companies align with  their workplace offerings, and promote equality and employee wellbeing in the workplace,” said Tiffany  Pham, Mogul’s CEO and Founder, “It is important to recognize the firms that make employee wellbeing  a top priority.”  

Mogul assesses nominated workplaces on the following criteria: 

• Inclusivity of benefits 

• Employee resources 

• Workplace perks 

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