PRESS RELEASE October 11, 2021

What AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah is Doing to Find and Hire More Diverse Talent


Margo Pelak, Head of Global Media Relations 

Mogul, Inc., a disruptor in the HR Tech and Executive Recruiting industries, today announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with AAA Northern California, Nevada, and Utah (AAA NCNU) to provide access to its innovative diversity talent acquisition platform. Mogul provides diversity recruiting services, inclusive networking events, educational events, and online social communities. Its customers include Fortune 500 organizations and some of the world’s leading startup companies.

According to the agreement, AAA NCNU will use Mogul’s innovative Talent Acquisition software to attract, source, and hire top, diverse talent. Mogul’s unique platform has disrupted the HR Technology industry with patent-pending software filters that allow recruiters to more than 430 million candidate profiles, with search filters that can sort by gender, ethnicity, and veteran status, without limiting search results. No other talent acquisition platform offers this combination of abilities right now.

Many businesses are using Mogul’s platform as an alternative to other mainstream talent acquisition systems because those communities have algorithms that favor white male candidates in search results or limit the number of candidates who can be sought for a role. Additionally, Mogul offers patent-pending diversity filters that allow recruiters to search for candidates by gender, ethnicity, and other diverse characteristics.

About Mogul

At Mogul, our vision is to unlock the world’s greatest potential. We support diverse individuals and organizations to achieve their goals and cultivate meaningful success, through pioneering technology solutions and inclusive communities. With market-leading HR software, fast-growing executive recruitment services, and a diverse, inclusive online community of executive and board-level talent, Mogul is innovatively paving the way for diverse professionals and the companies that need them.

Mogul partners with the Fortune 1000 and the world’s fastest-growing companies to attract, engage, advance, and retain top diverse talent. Mogul’s client list has included Amazon, IBM, Nike, Hearst, iHerb, McKinsey, Philips, Shopify, Stanley Black & Decker, T-Mobile, and more.

As a mission-driven organization, Mogul offers free community forums, low-cost events, and inclusive online communities, all designed to attract, engage and advance top, diverse talent. Mogul has been named one of the “100 Most Exciting Startups” by Business Insider, “Best Website for Finding Top Talent” by Inc. magazine, and “Top Website for Marketing Your Company” by Forbes.

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